How to use CAHOOTIFY: A set of short sharp video tutorials by Screenology

Those lovely folk at the Screenology film school have created a set of 9 short sharp tutorial videos on how to use Cahootify. The tutorials were created purely for Screenology’s own benefit but we’ve kindly been allowed to share them with you. These tutorials are aimed at first year students so if you’re an experienced industry professional some of the “third person” language might be slightly off the mark but when it comes to explaining how Cahootify works, they’ve done at least as good a job as we could have. Thank you Screenology. Enjoy!

1. Intro to CAHOOTIFY and kicking off your profile

2. Adding a gallery to your profile

3. Populating your project portfolio

4. Crediting your fellow cast and crew

5. Accepting a credit invitation

6. “Automagic” protected project versions

7. Advertising needs on an upcoming project

8. Expressing interest in another’s project need

9. Reviewing expressions of interest received

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