From left to right. Craig White & Catherine Ruffles (Agile Homes), Pete Francomb (Tabb), Marieta Stanoeva (Sparks Bristol), Michael McCall (Tabb) and Sal Lifely (Foxy Motion Films)

New Filmmakers’ Co-Working Space to Open in Bristol’s City Centre

Tabb to open a unique shared creative space on Broadmead.


Tabb, the Bristol-based portfolio and team-forming platform for filmmakers, is excited to announce the opening of a new coworking and creative space in Bristol City Centre.


From left to right. Tabb Directors, Michael McCall and Pete Franbomb. Marieta Stanoeva, Assistant Venue Manager, Sparks Bristol. Agile Homes CEO Craig White and Executive Assistant Catherine Ruffles. [Photo by Sal Lifely]


Located on the second floor of Sparks Bristol, the sustainable department store that opened in May of this year, the Tabb team’s goal for the space is to significantly increase their ability to support Bristol’s independent filmmakers and creative freelancers and to help them benefit from the city’s fast-growing film and creative industry.

At launch, the creative hub will accommodate 50 permanent residents and 30 flexible hotdesks in a space that, for the previous 70 years, served as an office and breakroom for the staff at Marks & Spencer. Tabb has plans to incorporate a permanent film and photographic studio later in the year and hopes that this is just the start of their work in offering further physical services to help its community make their projects happen.

With consultation from low-carbon, innovative design and construction firm Agile Homes, the ‘Tabb Hub’ will use recycled and custom furniture to create unique and purpose-built spaces for its residents and community, including Bristol Production Van, Foxy Motion Films, Barri Films and FishPunch.

The hub is open to enquiries and reservations from filmmakers and connected creative disciplines, whether individuals or teams, with flexibility regarding how residents can organise and set up the space.

The new Tabb Hub office space, a blank canvas on the second floor of Sparks Bristol, overlooking Bristol’s high street. [Photo provided by Sparks Bristol.]

Known as ‘Cahootify’ until December last year, Tabb’s collaborative platform for independent filmmakers, producers and actors has gone from strength to strength. With regular events, festivals and screenings aiming to unite and empower South West filmmakers, Tabb’s community has grown to 8,000 members. Rising stars and established professionals, such as Keith Wilhelm-Kopp, who recently released their debut feature film, Translations (2023), have added over 10,000 short films, animations, trailers and music videos to the platform, with many by teams that found each other through the Tabb opportunities and events.

Sparks Bristol, a world-first project co-created by Global Goals Centre and ArtSpace LifeSpace, offers various indoor independent stalls and shops, from fashion and food to nature and energy, supporting people to make money-saving choices on climate, equality and wellbeing. Sparks Project Manager John Hosken said, “We are delighted that the collaborative and empowering Tabb organisation has taken the space – creating so much opportunity for both organisations.” 

Tabb CEO Pete Francomb, said: “We’re thrilled to offer this exciting new space to Bristol filmmakers. The forward-thinking Sparks ethos matches Tabb’s commitment to supporting and enabling creatives. Tabb Hub is a perfect and logical move for the organisation and the community.”

Tabb expects the hub to fill quickly due to the hub’s prime central location and high demand for flexible and multi-use creative spaces.

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