We Were Included As a Top Startup by Welp Magazine!

In one of the newest articles published by Welp Magazine, ‘Top Digital Media Companies and Startups in the UK’, we were delighted to see that CAHOOTIFY has been given a mention.

Welp Magazine, an online magazine dedicated to providing advice, tools, and guidance for various businesses, launched in 2020, and they already have dozens of articles for ‘all your business needs’. These include recommendations for office equipment, accounting software, and strategies. They also document topical trends in the business and technology industries, such as how/when office workers can return to normal after the pandemic.

CAHOOTIFY has appeared in their list of the ‘Top Digital Media Companies and Startups in the UK’, an article released on December 6th 2020. We’re honoured to have been included amongst a slew of well-established names including Channel 4, Comedy Central, and AOL. As a company committed to helping  filmmakers make their projects happen, as well as everyone involved in the filmmaking process, it’s heartening to see the development and growth of the Cahootify platform recognised by their analysts.

You’ll find the full article  here: https://welpmagazine.com/top-digital-media-companies-and-startups-in-the-uk/

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