CAHOOTIFY credits and “automagic” project versions

Cahootify is structured like IMDb in that multiple people – cast and crew – can be credited on a project.

However, it’s much better than IMDb (though we say so ourselves…) in that each person or company on a project can then create their own version of that project – one where the info is completely unique to them. This happens “automagically” without anyone even needing to think about it.

So if you credit yourself on a pre-existing project (or someone else has invited you to accept a credit on their project), then that project will immediately appear on your profile.

But if you then edit that project…

…any changes you make will only appear on your profile – the original will be untouched.

Conversely, if you credit others on your projects, you can rest assured that any changes they make will only appear on their profiles, not on yours. This applies to every piece of data on a project – the title, the sizzling teaser, the description, the embedded media – even the gallery.

Maximum Efficiency, Complete Individuality

This means that, for example, if you’ve worked with a team of people on a number of projects, only one team member has to create each project, the rest can just join it – and you’ll all have great-looking profiles. If you wish, you can then further tailor each project’s info in your own portfolio without impacting anyone else.

About Crediting Yourself and Others on Projects

I’ve just explained how project versions work and how that means you can be credited on a project team yet retain complete control over your own profile and project portfolio.

So get crediting!

  1. How to credit someone else on a project you added (and why you should).
  2. How to credit yourself on a project someone else added (and why that’s OK).

All support documentation…


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