Introducing major new features for actors!

We’ve just introduced a range of enhancements for actors and performers.

The first follows on from our recent article introducing supertags. If, when adding or editing a role tag, you enter “Actor” then an extra set of fields will appear to ask for your key vital statistics. (This also works for “Actress”, “Model”, “Dancer”, “Extra” and a wide range of other performer tags – let us know if it doesn’t work for a tag you want to enter and we’ll add that for you!)

These vital statistics then appear in the “More information” section of your profile. They also appear if someone clicks/taps on the role tag itself.

Not available at time of writing but coming soon, we’ll be introducing enhancements to the profile search page that allow for the filtering of profiles by these new “performer vital statistics”. Here’s a sneak preview of what we’re working on:

Finally, you can now credit the part you played on a project (e.g. “Desdemona”), not just the role tag (e.g. “Actor”). Again this works for the full range of performer role tags.

This “part played” then appears in your project portfolio as well as in the list of credits on the project detail page.

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