Go Green with Enviable: How CAHOOTIFY role tag colours work

CAHOOTIFY role tags on a person’s (or company’s) profile can be grey (like “Screenwriter” on John’s profile below) or green (like “Producer” and “Director”). A green role tag signifies that the individual or company profiled has experience in that role – though it says nothing of the standard at which they performed that role – that’s up to the viewer to investigate and judge!

Cahootify knows about “experience” by whether or not the same role tag has been applied to a completed project in the profile portfolio – in other words, whether or not the owner of the profile has evidenced that they’ve performed that role.

As such, it’s important that the profile role tags match the project role tags exactly. So if your profile has an “Actor” role tag, for example, it’s no good only adding a “Lead Actor” role tag to the project – the “Actor” tag would remain grey in that case (although we do have upgrades coming up that will “associate” similar tags…).

Each role tag only has to be matched once, however, so there’s nothing stopping you from, for example, adding both “Actor” and “Lead Actor” to your profile role tags, then “Lead Actor” to one project and just “Actor” to another.

As well as being displayed on the profile itself, this experience is shown anywhere that the profile is listed – in particular, on the main “People with Skills” listing and on the team listing/credits on a project detail page.

Naturally, those profiles that demonstrate experience in a particular role are more likely to attract further investigation than those that don’t. Cahootify will also show experienced people in search results above the inexperienced.

(Note, however, that Cahootify gives no hierarchy to level of experience – those that have marked themselves as “aspiring” will appear alongside “established professionals” unless the searcher has actively chosen to filter by one or the other.)

In short, green is better. Go green!

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